When the agency is not interested only in money, it will also set you claims. Rejoice, if you are put on time for the implementation of technical tasks, require participation in the choice of strategy, the selection of search queries. So, they want to help you. The use of the Affordable Local SEO services can be useful there.

The agency will require you to install an analytical system so that you constantly monitor the search positions and are aware of the campaign.

What are the criteria for evaluating the portfolio of the agency?

The main criterion is successful work experience in your field. Ideal – working with a direct competitor. Business is often afraid of agencies that helped competitors.

Great stupidity

Working with a direct competitor is almost the only guarantee of experience and knowledge of your niche.

How to understand that the agency does not understand your industry

  • Even at an early stage of cooperation, ask what search queries an expert will promote the company. And it is necessary – how he defined these requests.
  • If a specialist asks you to pick up requests – this is not the worst option. Hence, SEO-specialists understand that without experience in the industry, theycannot cope on his own.
  • One day a representative of a well-known agency on the market suggested rewriting five thousand old news on the site of a major media. Obviously, he could not imagine the labor costs in the industry.
  • How to understand that the agency does not understand the essence of business
  • The agency is not interested in the business model. You are not required to change the site, do not take the initiative in everything, except the issue of the next payment.
  • The distracting maneuvers of each agency have their own, but the right questions concern the client’s business, the sales funnel, the current state of affairs.

What to do if the agency blames you for all the troubles

Sit down at the negotiating table. But it is better to write out the solutions to such misunderstandings still in the contract. An agency that avoids compromise is likely just as unprofessional in other matters.

If a misunderstanding has already happened, I recommend that I call on an outside auditor. They can become another agency, from whom you order one-time projects, or an independent specialist.

In any business, it is customary to conduct an audit every three to four months. But in digital marketing, this approach for some reason did not take root.