As charismatic as media, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or, in France, Michel-Eduard Leclerc and Alain Afflelou did not need anyone to play sandwich-men. They have always known how to embody their business. But, for more discreet bosses, social networks are a real boon. Tim Cook, for example, who had the heavy task of succeeding Steve Jobs, is an avid user of Twitter.

To promote the products of Apple, certainly, but also to make his voice heard, especially in the field of minority rights. Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën, chirps regularly to congratulate her teams for their good results. Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, is very committed to the themes of ecology and corporate social responsibility, thus helping to raise the awareness of his employees. About natural SMO network you will know the best cases now.

  • Personalize communication, make it immediate and transparent, allows managers to dust off corporate exchanges and enhance their image. Why cannot things that work for bosses help you? Becoming the ambassador of your company is a great way to position yourself as an expert, to be noticed, internally and externally, to develop your contacts and, potentially, your career.

Last July, the recruitment firm Massine organized, in partnership with Management, a networking evening around “human content” and “personal marketing”. The opportunity for three experts to shed light on this topic: Eric Gandibleu, president of the recruitment firm Maesina, Delphine Chicheportiche, international director communication, digital and image, L’Oréal Professionnel, and Delphine Remy-Boutang, co-founder of Digital Women’s Day and Founder of the Social Media Strategic Consulting Agency The Bureau.

What is the human content?

Brand content is, as the name implies, to produce content for a brand. The objectives are often to affirm the expertise of the company on its universe and to realize a storytelling of the brand and its values. This is to gain visibility, but also to circumvent the phenomenon of blocking ads on the Web (ad blocking). We call human content or personal branding applying the same recipes but for ourselves.

A strategy commonly used by professional bloggers, experts in a sector and, of course, stars. Some leaders have taken the initiative on their own to put their image at the service of their brand and vice versa. But what works for bosses or stars can apply to all of us! That said, this visibility work requires time, a structured and thoughtful approach: an element broadcast on the Net remains visible forever! It is therefore important to think about it ten times before distributing poorly controlled content. And should – be posted only content that may interest at least 25% of a network.

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