Automated marketing will provide your sales team with a stream of qualified and heated leads. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your phone sales, since you will focus only on those potential customers who are really interested in making a purchase from you. Marketing automation accompanies your potential buyers until they are ripe for purchase using tracking and heating tools, and also installs automatic filters that lead to leads throughout the sales funnel. When your sales will call potential customers, the customer will already know your company, products and services well. In this case, your sales will have information on the interests and preferences of such a client. You can surely use this marketing automation platform perfectly now.

Reduces the sale process

Just imagine, you did a study to determine who your potential buyers are. After an active search and attraction, you were able to start communicating with a potential client. Over time, you were able to gain enough confidence in the customer to offer products or services to your company. And the client after all this answers: “You know, we have to think” To be honest, sometimes for the seller “no”, which sounded at the early stage of the sales process, is more useful you, at least, know the real situation. Time is a very valuable asset, and one of the main advantages of marketing automation is that it shortens the selling process.

Squeezes the most out of email newsletters

Staying in touch with your leads and customers is very important for every business. One of the most important tools for online communication is email distribution. But mass and frequent e-mails may not work. With the help of internet marketing automation service you can personalize the content of email newsletters so that the letter maximally meets the interests of the subscriber. You can also automatically create segmented lists of subscribers. And with the help of tracking tools, program the best time for communication and determine which type of your messages is the most effective.

By the way, do you know that there is a unique function “Ideal time”, thanks to which our service programs the best time for sending messages and automatically increases the opening rate of your email dispatches?

Combines marketing and sales teams

Your sales team will now spend more time concentrating directly on sales, and your marketing team will have more tools and resources to measure and improve marketing campaign results and activities. Two teams will use the same marketing automation platform, combining their efforts to achieve their goals. And it will increase your income, especially if you work in the B2B field.

Thus, with the help of Marketing Automation, you can more effectively carry out various marketing campaigns, constantly increasing the conversion from leads to buyers. In this case, you will have the opportunity to optimize your time and resources, as well as increase revenues due to more coordinated work of marketing and sales teams.