As charismatic as media, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or, in France, Michel-Eduard Leclerc and Alain Afflelou did not need anyone to play sandwich-men. They have always known how to embody their business. But, for more discreet bosses, social networks are a real boon. Tim Cook, for example, who had the heavy task of succeeding Steve Jobs, is an avid user of Twitter.

To promote the products of Apple, certainly, but also to make his voice heard, especially in the field of minority rights. Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën, chirps regularly to congratulate her teams for their good results. Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, is very committed to the themes of ecology and corporate social responsibility, thus helping to raise the awareness of his employees. About natural SMO network you will know the best cases now.

  • Personalize communication, make it immediate and transparent, allows managers to dust off corporate exchanges and enhance their image. Why cannot things that work for bosses help you? Becoming the ambassador of your company is a great way to position yourself as an expert, to be noticed, internally and externally, to develop your contacts and, potentially, your career.

Last July, the recruitment firm Massine organized, in partnership with Management, a networking evening around “human content” and “personal marketing”. The opportunity for three experts to shed light on this topic: Eric Gandibleu, president of the recruitment firm Maesina, Delphine Chicheportiche, international director communication, digital and image, L’Oréal Professionnel, and Delphine Remy-Boutang, co-founder of Digital Women’s Day and Founder of the Social Media Strategic Consulting Agency The Bureau.

What is the human content?

Brand content is, as the name implies, to produce content for a brand. The objectives are often to affirm the expertise of the company on its universe and to realize a storytelling of the brand and its values. This is to gain visibility, but also to circumvent the phenomenon of blocking ads on the Web (ad blocking). We call human content or personal branding applying the same recipes but for ourselves.

A strategy commonly used by professional bloggers, experts in a sector and, of course, stars. Some leaders have taken the initiative on their own to put their image at the service of their brand and vice versa. But what works for bosses or stars can apply to all of us! That said, this visibility work requires time, a structured and thoughtful approach: an element broadcast on the Net remains visible forever! It is therefore important to think about it ten times before distributing poorly controlled content. And should – be posted only content that may interest at least 25% of a network.

When the agency is not interested only in money, it will also set you claims. Rejoice, if you are put on time for the implementation of technical tasks, require participation in the choice of strategy, the selection of search queries. So, they want to help you. The use of the Affordable Local SEO services can be useful there.

The agency will require you to install an analytical system so that you constantly monitor the search positions and are aware of the campaign.

What are the criteria for evaluating the portfolio of the agency?

The main criterion is successful work experience in your field. Ideal – working with a direct competitor. Business is often afraid of agencies that helped competitors.

Great stupidity

Working with a direct competitor is almost the only guarantee of experience and knowledge of your niche.

How to understand that the agency does not understand your industry

  • Even at an early stage of cooperation, ask what search queries an expert will promote the company. And it is necessary – how he defined these requests.
  • If a specialist asks you to pick up requests – this is not the worst option. Hence, SEO-specialists understand that without experience in the industry, theycannot cope on his own.
  • One day a representative of a well-known agency on the market suggested rewriting five thousand old news on the site of a major media. Obviously, he could not imagine the labor costs in the industry.
  • How to understand that the agency does not understand the essence of business
  • The agency is not interested in the business model. You are not required to change the site, do not take the initiative in everything, except the issue of the next payment.
  • The distracting maneuvers of each agency have their own, but the right questions concern the client’s business, the sales funnel, the current state of affairs.

What to do if the agency blames you for all the troubles

Sit down at the negotiating table. But it is better to write out the solutions to such misunderstandings still in the contract. An agency that avoids compromise is likely just as unprofessional in other matters.

If a misunderstanding has already happened, I recommend that I call on an outside auditor. They can become another agency, from whom you order one-time projects, or an independent specialist.

In any business, it is customary to conduct an audit every three to four months. But in digital marketing, this approach for some reason did not take root.

According to the survey, most users have the greatest difficulties with shopping portals. Therefore, the following infographic is particularly important for improving the usability of Shoppinportalen, as only so customers can be permanently tied to an online store.

The tips that aim to improve the usability of websites include the following:

All text parts should be reduced to a necessary minimum. According to some surveys, many online shoppers leave the websites as soon as they are confronted with too much uninteresting and irrelevant text material.

The most important information should be placed correctly on the website. This includes paying particular attention to the left side of the screen, as well as the area of ​​the screen that is commonly referred to as “above the fold”.

  • The reading behavior of the users should be considered. Most users read a website in the F-schema, which is why the text should be arranged approximately according to this scheme.
  • Keep the load times as short as possible, because the majority of users only give a website a load time of 2 seconds.
  • The search fields should definitely be enlarged. 90% of the English search terms contain around 27 characters, and the same applies to search queries in German-speaking countries.
  • An improved layout ensures that more customers are bound to one and the same website . A resolution of 1000 – 1600 x 700 pixels is ideal for this.
  • Optimizing typography also attracts more customers. A consistent font for all subpages and a holistic color scheme give the website a coherent and professional image.
  • If the website links to other websites via links, the correct placement of the links is urgently necessary. In addition, it should be clearly stated on which websites these links lead.
  • Following these eight tips, which are described in more detail in the infographic, and examples, web design is appealing, user-friendly, and will drive higher clicks than ever before.

It is of course very difficult to optimally implement all these steps, taking into account the “Fantastic Four”. Therefore, we must in web design, as well every area of marketing: N neglecting i.e.planning . Before it comes to the actual web design, a concept must be created that considers all factors in all elements. Precisely for this reason, our specialists and women attach so much importance to a detailed consultation: In the end, a good website is created that perfectly suits the company, product and target group.

Reading on the internet is exhausting. Therefore, texts should always be divided into short titles or subheadings. Web design is about much more fundamental: The font must be readable! This includes considerations of font color, font size.

The Website

Even if the new website in Internet Explorer looks great, it does not have to do that in Chrome or Firefox. No one will install a new browser or plugin just to view a website. In addition, there is a need for a website to be optimized for mobile devices, as most of the Internet access via tablets, smartphones and Co. comes about.

Automated marketing will provide your sales team with a stream of qualified and heated leads. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your phone sales, since you will focus only on those potential customers who are really interested in making a purchase from you. Marketing automation accompanies your potential buyers until they are ripe for purchase using tracking and heating tools, and also installs automatic filters that lead to leads throughout the sales funnel. When your sales will call potential customers, the customer will already know your company, products and services well. In this case, your sales will have information on the interests and preferences of such a client. You can surely use this marketing automation platform perfectly now.

Reduces the sale process

Just imagine, you did a study to determine who your potential buyers are. After an active search and attraction, you were able to start communicating with a potential client. Over time, you were able to gain enough confidence in the customer to offer products or services to your company. And the client after all this answers: “You know, we have to think” To be honest, sometimes for the seller “no”, which sounded at the early stage of the sales process, is more useful you, at least, know the real situation. Time is a very valuable asset, and one of the main advantages of marketing automation is that it shortens the selling process.

Squeezes the most out of email newsletters

Staying in touch with your leads and customers is very important for every business. One of the most important tools for online communication is email distribution. But mass and frequent e-mails may not work. With the help of internet marketing automation service you can personalize the content of email newsletters so that the letter maximally meets the interests of the subscriber. You can also automatically create segmented lists of subscribers. And with the help of tracking tools, program the best time for communication and determine which type of your messages is the most effective.

By the way, do you know that there is a unique function “Ideal time”, thanks to which our service programs the best time for sending messages and automatically increases the opening rate of your email dispatches?

Combines marketing and sales teams

Your sales team will now spend more time concentrating directly on sales, and your marketing team will have more tools and resources to measure and improve marketing campaign results and activities. Two teams will use the same marketing automation platform, combining their efforts to achieve their goals. And it will increase your income, especially if you work in the B2B field.

Thus, with the help of Marketing Automation, you can more effectively carry out various marketing campaigns, constantly increasing the conversion from leads to buyers. In this case, you will have the opportunity to optimize your time and resources, as well as increase revenues due to more coordinated work of marketing and sales teams.

There are still companies that work with web tools of their own creation and modular that use them to create the websites of their clients but this is a bad decision mainly for 2 reasons. The first is it generates a total dependence on the company that creates your website and the second is the tool is likely to be far behind in terms of functionality with other market solutions. There are other additional problems such as staying with a version for centuries of the centuries or the high costs of updating and maintenance.Depending on the needs of a project one tool or another will be chosen with the aim of always meeting the needs but always with the easiest choice to manage for the client.

Professional experience less than 3 years

If the professional who makes your web project has little experience then this will logically affect the result of the web and will affect aesthetic, functional, management, usability, programming, etc.There are no 2 equal web projects and if you are a professional with more than 5 years of experience then you will be able to better analyze which is the most appropriate tool for your project.For a simple sense of coherence and mathematics, if you want a professional project as a result then you must have real affordable web designers to carry it out. You must always choose a tool that does not bind you for life to a single provider but rather choose a standard tool that allows you to change providers in case it considers appropriate.

Cover letter

No one today wants to have a website as a cover letter that does not have good visibility both in the search engine and in social networks and therefore does not report any customer or any sale. So it is very important to look for a company or professional that has knowledge in both subjects, on the one hand in the creation of websites and on the other hand in online marketing.Do not make the mistake of hiring both separately since a website of a company or an online store is a marketing tool and as such should be designed and created based on good knowledge in SEO.

Conclusion: Few success stories similar to our project

Like any new web project you will start a difficult journey and not without risks but you should never place the trust of your project in someone who has little or no experience in projects similar to yours. Never let your project is transformed into a test of an inexperienced person. This is the same as doing bungee jumping but without rope and the bump can be terrible.